Ya Bamba
Fifa Name Y. Bamba
Position Forward
First Seen #1: History of AFC Wimbledon
Last Seen #220: Wimbly Womblys vs. Chelsea!
Starts 74
Substitutions 16
Goals 13
Ya Bamba was a forward for the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys. He's not the best player but has an intense desire to win.

AFC Wimbly WomblysEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Ya Bamba is between 5' 2" and 5' 3" tall. Bamba is a first generation UK citizen. His family immigrated to the UK from western Africa. He was born around 1996.

Bamba started his football career in the Crystal Palace youth team as this was his local club. He grew up as a Crystal Palace supporter. When he was 16 he was let go from the team as they thought he was no longer good enough for the youth team. He almost gave up football entirely after his home team let him go. He did give up for a while but started playing again because he loved it that much. He joined a pub league side. He became a part time player in the sixth tier of the English football system spending some time playing football and the rest working in a Tesco store in London.

He managed to get a try-out with AFC Wimbledon, who were in the fifth tier at the time. He came in over the summer of 2010 and was just good enough to stay on.

During the 2013-2014 season, Ya Bamba hooked up with someone that Some Moore had been previously dating. He did not see this as a problem because Some Moore has hooked up with a lot of people saying "If I were going to date only people who S'Moore hasn't hooked up with I would have to leave the town of Wimbledon". This led Moore to get in to a fight with Ya Bamba.

Football CareerEdit

Bamba was one of the original Wimbly Womblys.

Ya Bamba pulled his hamstring during the 2013-2014 F.A. cup semi-final against Arsenal. He also sprained his ankle during a 2014-2015 season match against Gillingham.

During his time with the Wimbly Womblys, Ya Bamba became a leader, especially with the younger members of the team. He took them under his wing and looked out for them. He is honest with them but "doesn't take any crap".

After a loss to Barnsley during the 2014-2015 season, manager John Green started shouting at the players and Bald and Other John Green started shouting at the defenders Ozéia and That's Amoura. Ya Bamba eventually brought them together again by reminding them that it was going to be hard and they needed to be patient and they should move forward together. Manager John Green really appreciated this and gave him a raise.


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