Mionel Richie
Fifa Name M. Ritchie
Position Midfield
First Seen #1: The Swoodilypoopers Return!!!
Last Seen #80: Championship Final
Starts 54
Substitutions 5
Goals 2

Mionel Richie was a midfielder for the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.

Swoodilypoopers Strike BackEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Richie grew up near to Swindon. He grew up in an evangelical, conservative Episcopal Church as he was the son of a pastor and is still an Evangelical Christian. He is completely fine with Bald and Other John Green being married and is an open minded person in general. He is a very likeable and loving person. He loves the Swoodilypoopers and tries to get on with all the players. For example, he learnt some Swedish to make We call him Bob feel comfortable.

Football CareerEdit

Richie has been with Swindon since the age of nine and went through the youth academy system. Richie was one of the original Swoodilypoopers.

Richie pulled his calf in a Championship game against Nottingham Forest during the 2013-2014 season.

AFC Wimbly WomblysEdit

Football CareerEdit

Ritchie was seen playing for Bournemouth.


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