Fifa Name M. Väyrynen
Position Midfield
First Seen #1: The Swoodilypoopers Return!!!
Last Seen #80: Championship Final
Starts 38
Substitutions 11
Goals 3

M. Väyrynen (We call him Bob) was a midfielder for the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.

Swoodilypoopers Strike BackEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Bob is good friends with Merrick Maric as they grew up together in one of the countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia, but he was born in Sweden. He is fairly fluent in English. He is very into partying and drinking and has been known to buy random people drinks. He stays out late and is very good looking and has used that to his advantage. He really loves Swedish Hip Hop music, such as Afasi och Filthy and listen to their album "Fläcken" before every match. He also likes Snook. He is very liberal in his views and is basically an anarchist and is very outspoken about his views. Väyrynen did not mind being called Bob. He is an intellectual and very intelligent. He can also read in four langauges.

Football CareerEdit

Before joing the Swoodilypoopers, Väyrynen played in the Swedish first league. Väyrynen was one of the original Swoodilypoopers.

After a game against Brentford in the 2012-2013 season, James Collins asked Bald John Green if he was ever going to score again. This led to Leroy Williamson getting involved and a fight happened. The fight was between new Swoodilypoopers and old Swoodilypoopers as they felt the old Swoodilypoopers got treated better. There was also some class divides. Väyrynen made comments about other players such as Leroy Williamson being stupid, uneducated meatheads. After their next game against Coventry City, Manager John Green talked it over with them. There was a lot of crying and the team came together again.


Bob pulled his calf during a 2012-2013 game against Notts County.


We call him Bob,

We call him Bob,

He's Väyrynen (garbled)

But we call him Bob.


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